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An essential part of developing a successful franchise system is to find individuals that match the business and vice versa. This is because companies and their approach to franchising is unique, just as each person is. We help increase your chances of franchise success with a unique process that highlights the style of franchise businesses suitable for you.

Here's how to find out which type of franchise business is right for you

We have developed a unique profiling approach which brings together some of the most advanced thinking in psychology with the latest processes in psychometric profiling. This innovative resource will help you and your MatchPoint consultant to explore all your options and decide on your next step.

In just 20 minutes, the online profile gives you:

  • A ‘heat map’ overview of potential business brands and areas that fit with your personal qualities and values.
  • A ‘franchise shape’ outline which gives your MatchPoint consultant added insight to explore the best style of franchises for you.

The next step is for your MatchPoint consultant to review the results and explain what they mean for your choice of franchise.

Business-owners - the value of the right mindset

Your business success depends on having the right mindset. This takes belief in your particular product or brand, the confidence to take the leap of running your own business and of course, the determination to work hard - even when things get challenging.

Having this type of approach will give you the mental and emotional strength to tackle the challenge of starting your own business.

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Build the right mindset for business ownership

Seven principles for the right mindset

  1. Successful business people are just like me.
    • People who are successful in business are no different from anyone else.
    • Setbacks in business are not because you didn’t have the right skills.
  2. There are no special ‘secrets’ to achieving success.
    • Hard work is an essential aspect of all businesses.
    • There will inevitably be lows as well as highs.
    • Successful business people have the determination to try again after a challenge.
  3. Reasonable goals can lead to great things.
    • Establishing reasonable goals can provide added motivation and make success more likely.
    • You can achieve more success by setting clear and achievable milestones and by gathering information and increasing the options for your business.
  4. Luck is part of the equation – accept it.
    • Luck will play a part in the success of your business.
    • You need to recognise events as either good or bad luck and remain focused on how to adjust to it and act as appropriate. This will boost the likelihood of your success.
    • If bad luck affects your business, then accept that there was probably nothing you could do to avoid it. Make sure you learn something from any mistakes and stay focused on your goals.
  5. It’s not just about the money.
    • Profit is a key part of a business venture, but your core reason for setting up a business should not be to make money.
    • If your business helps you to achieve some of your life goals, even a small success can help you move on to greater things.
  6. Accept fear.
    • Every business owner experiences fear.
    • Fear is the greatest of motivators - embrace and accept it.
    • Fear can inspire a more focused approach.
  7. Choosing to be a business owner is a career.
    • Every career has its high points and low points.
    • The fact is that you will probably experience challenges before you reach or achieve success.
    • Success comes to people who persevere.

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