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    Our Consultants

    Europe and the Middle East

    Keith Dolby

    I’ve been a Franchise Consultant since 2008, after 25 years in the software industry.  I began as a junior employee and in several years I had worked my way up to Managing  Director with a team of 50+ staff in the UK and USA.  For more than 15 years I held positions as manager or director acquiring extensive project and process management experience, and more importantly – people management — both in teams and individually.  During my 10 years as a franchise consultant, I have advised more than 1,000 individuals interested in researching franchises.  I work with my clients conducting a detailed evaluation to determine if they are suited to own a franchise.  Sometimes this means informing them that they do not have the skills, experience or finances needed.  Consultants do not sell franchises, but rather we are industry professionals that provide advice and if pertinent, recommend appropriate franchises.

    Aldo Kroon

    For more than 25 years now I am working as an independent consultant and providing advisory services to my clients. I have successfully managed projects all over the world, did trainings and advisory jobs worldwide and am representing MatchPoint in the Netherlands (Benelux). I am supporting individuals who make that same career transition – as I once did – to own their own business that complements their skills and talents. Or, in other cases, I support seasoned entrepreneurs, business managers or executives who start (new) franchise activities.
    As a consultant I can support individuals in overcoming the most common obstacles in becoming a business owner. I am bringing fast growing brands to the Dutch market: matching great people with great franchises.

    Theo Bouwmans

    Owner of several businesses, consultant and trusted advisor. More than 30 years international experience in the chemical industry in several positions including sales, business development, SME management and multinationals.  He founded his own company in 2004 and has worked as an independent consultant in this sector.  He was the first Franchise Consultant in the BENELUX region: Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg.  He would like everyone to be able to make their own decisions and be responsible for their own business.  That is why he helps individuals to make the transition from a career to their own business to take best advantage of their abilities and talents.

    Andree Jawiche

    Who’s better than a franchisee and business owner to advise and help investors and new entrepreneurs to investigate and acquire a franchise? I have spent more than 22 years in the hospitality industry, have worked with international hotels and Food & Beverage companies between Lebanon and the UAE,  have reached a very satisfying and rewarding professional career in the management and finance sectors but then decided to make a career transition and to start on my own.
    In 2012, I bought a multi-national Franchise license to represent MatchPoint Network in the Middle East region.  My main objective as Franchise Consultant is to connect individuals who are looking to start on their own to the best successful international franchisors and to help them choose which franchise business model fits better with their requirements and budget .  
    Why to re-invent the wheel or start from scratch if we can invest in a franchise and guarantee a higher success rate for our new business!

    North America and Latin America

    Ivana R. Castillo

    I have more than 20 years’ experience in different industries, including Banking and Mass Consumption.  My primary experience is in marketing, in developing brands and new business.  I had a very satisfactory career but decided to make an important change because of my desire to help others.  I wanted to be the owner and creator of my own business.  That led me to join MatchPoint’s Consultancy Network, as a certified Franchise Consultant.  MatchPoint itself is a franchise, so I went through all the same steps as any other candidate.  That is why I can understand and help others in the best way.

    José Luis Martinez

    Entrepreneur with businesses in the food services sector (storage), MatchPoint consultancy and food franchises.  I worked for more than 10 years in the financial sector (Stockbroker and Banking) in strategic planning and projects. I have a degree in Business Administration from EAFIT University with a specialization and an Executive MBA from EAE Business School.  I am a professor at the School of Business Administration at EAFIT University.

    Laura Martinez

    Production Engineer from EAFIT University.  From the time I was doing my business practice, I knew that, although I had enjoyed it, I did not want to work as an employee.  At that time my brother began to look for a family business and we decided on Subway – a new franchise in the Medellin market.  He had a stable job and I was just finishing college, because I had nothing to lose, I took charge of the business.  With my experience in franchises, I heard about MatchPoint, a franchise consultancy company that I represent.

    Josue Padilla

    More than 15 years working in training and developing sales teams with leading companies worldwide, such as Phillip Morris, PepsiCo, Heineken International and others.  Experience in developing, encouraging and motivating multifunctional teams, creating strategic alliances and generating systematic solutions.

    José Miguel Respaldiza

    Business man, director and executive with extensive experience in company management.  He was a businessman for 10 years and General Manager for four companies in different industry sectors for 21 years.  I have successfully managed companies in different fields, including retail, office equipment, communication media, maritime transport and shipping agents.  Commercial Engineer from the University of Chile, MBA from Adolfo Ibanez University and post graduate studies at Wharton School – University of Pennsylvania.  Pre and Post graduate studies professor at Adolfo Ibanez, Los Andes and Development Universities.

    Raúl Robalino

    I have 23 years’ experience in different industries and companies.  Currently I have my own business as a MatchPoint Consultant and prior to that I had started a family business.  I held management and director positions for 12 years, before making the decision to become independent.  I have experience in B2B and B2C Retailing, in such sectors as automotive, construction, consulting, manufacturing, franchises, mining, cement and energy.  I have led strategies and actions in sales, international business, marketing, quality, exports, business development, logistics, project management, operations and more.  My current mission is to help individuals or companies to make the decision to invest in a franchise.

    Christine Hofmann

    I have 10 years’ experience in consulting, sales and digital marketing.  After a successful corporate career with Microsoft, I decided to start my own business and stop being an employee.  But I had no idea what to do on my own, so I obtained advice on franchises.  I went through the MatchPoint process and in the end one of the best matches for my profile was MatchPoint. That is how I decided on this journey and it is very gratifying to be able to help others to make the same decision to achieve an independent life.

    Indalecio Riojas

    Public Accountant with a Masters in Finance from Monterrey Technological.  His experience includes: Franchise Consultant with the MatchPoint network.  Associate Director Latam Corporate for Fitch Ratings Mexico in REITS “Fibers”, Real Estate, Construction and Housing, Construction Materials and Retail sectors.  Corporate Treasurer for the Proeza Group.  During all these years he has put his skills in consulting, negotiation, portfolio management (Bonds and money market), administration, treasury and risk management (currency, loans and raw materials) into practice.

    Jorge Contreras

    He has more than 15 years’ experience in the world of franchises.  He writes for different media and has been a speaker, professor at prestigious universities and given courses and workshops on marketing and business.  His experience includes more than 200 projects with B2B companies to increase sales by taking advantage of the benefits of internet.  He took his Masters in International Relations from Ohio University, majoring in marketing and post graduate in Business Administration from Monterrey Technological.

    Lucio Mendieta

    More than 20 years’ experience as an executive, consultant and businessman.  He participated in several projects with government institutions and with companies to design and implement strategies, systems and processes for continuous improvement, development and growth He has held positions as manager and director. In 2004 he founded his consulting company to help companies establish corporate and operational strategies with projects in information technology, re-engineering, business and organizational re-structuring to increase profits.  Today he is part of the MatchPoint network to help entrepreneurs find the right franchise for them.