Franchisor Testimonials

Franchisor Testimonials

Franchisor Testimonials

“I have worked together with the MatchPoint team in the UK since 2009. Since then MatchPoint has introduced a number of suitable candidates to my UK business and franchise. I always found the people proposed to be well qualified because of MatchPoint’s understanding about what I am looking for in a suitable team member. In addition the individuals are also well prepared to know what to expect when they first speak to me and this makes the whole exploratory process more enjoyable for both parties. Part of MatchPoint’s role is to educate possible candidates about the due diligence process and to ensure they have some basic understanding about the Franchise and myself. This they do extremely well. Working with competent consultants like those at MatchPoint saves me time, money and frustration and this I appreciate immensely. I look forward to working with MatchPoint for many years to come. They are and will continue to be an integral part of our future franchise growth in the UK.”
Owner, Business Services Franchise-UK

“MatchPoint is a tremendous resource for anyone considering a business or franchise for themselves. As professional consultants with MatchPoint they have the knowledge, the connections, and the resources, that most people looking into franchises for themselves wouldn’t. What also sets MatchPoint apart is that they act with a lot of integrity and will always do what is in his client’s best interest. What matters most to them is their clients’ success. We as Franchisors are delighted to be partnered with MatchPoint as they understand exactly what a white collar franchise like ours is looking for. Operating in such a dynamic and ever changing industry requires a certain skill set, and the MatchPoint team somehow knows the people who are right for our Franchise. Thanks for everything MatchPoint.”
Manager Business Development-UK

I have been in contact with MatchPoint since October 2012 , during this period, my MatchPoint consultant has shown professionalism and excellent customer orientation through her approach in the selection and recommendation of businesses that best suit my profile….. she has been of great help in exploring solutions…wish her and Matchpoint a great success..

Recruitment Manager-Lebanon

“MatchPoint has excellent franchise coaches. Their structured approach to matching a candidate with the right business is very straight forward. They make the experience very comfortable and make it apparent that they are comfortable modifying their approach based upon the personality of the customer.
I would recommend MatchPoint to help an aspiring business owner with his or her search for the right franchise match. ”
Owner of Decorative Concrete Business – USA

“MatchPoint is great to work with and they communicate very effectively at all times and are up to speed with everything. Everyone that has worked with MatchPoint speaks really highly of them including their clients. The team at MatchPoint is also very experienced and highly skilled at what they do. I hope to work together lots more in the future! ”
Owner/director –Real Estate Agents-UK

I initially met the team at MatchPoint when I was first recruiting franchisees. They opened my eyes to the possibilities that a broker could bring and has given me tremendous guidance and support as I recruited my first people. They have brought forward extremely well qualified candidates and managed the recruitment process brilliantly. In addition they have helped me strengthen both my offering and the commercial details around it. Service and success well beyond expectation!

Sales Director.-Sales Mentor.-Sales Consultant.-Sales Recruiter-UK

“MatchPoint franchisees are excellent coaches. They are extremely professional and consistent, whilst at all times knowing their subject matter. They are extremely good listeners and tailor their responses and recommendations based on the feedback given. MatchPoint consultants are very conversational and have a knack of bringing you back on track. I would definitely recommend MatchPoint to anyone needing coaching in their area of expertise.”
Sales Consultant and Key Account Manager-UK

“If you have not met the team at MatchPoint you’re missing out on some of the great people of this world! I have had the privilege and the honor to work with a few in particular both from the education franchise perspective as well as the funding side. The attentive focus that they give their clients as business advisers is most excellent. They are good listeners and masters at asking the right questions, for at the end of the day listening and asking the right question is what it is about.
In addition they truly care about their clients and pour all of their energy into each one as if they are the only person on the earth at the time. Honest and truthful communication is what you get. I am a better person because of my association.”
Sr. Financial Consultant for Franchise Finance Company

The MatchPoint consultants I have known are true professionals and are extremely conscientious in their efforts to achieve the right results for their clients. I would highly recommend MatchPoint, to anyone looking for help in choosing a franchise.

Expert in Cost & Process Management Consultancy across a Range of Industries-UK

“I recently had the pleasure of working with MatchPoint and some of their clients who now own a franchise. MatchPoint consultants have a superb understanding of the franchise industry and know precisely what a dynamic franchise like ours is looking for in a new franchisee. The system they have developed of identifying the right match for individuals looking to get involved with a franchise ensures that they are well positioned for success. Their knowledge of the franchise industry and well established network within it provide excellent value to individuals looking to investigate the possibility of franchising. ”
Manager Business Development-UK

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