What is our Consultancy process like?

MatchPoint’s Consultancy is unique internationally.  The online profiling system was developed by MatchPoint in 2006, after many hours of research by psychologists and franchising experts.  The steps in our methodology are shown below.

Step 1.  Initial Call
A 10-minute conversation for individuals interested in franchises to get to know their consultant and MatchPoint’s 6-step methodology.  Interested individuals share their main reasons for starting a business and commit to engage in MatchPoint’s consultancy services.  Since this is a free service, the only commitment is time.

Step 2. Profile Assessment
In just 20-25 minutes candidates can take the online test to assess their skills in four critical areas to start and develop a business: Operations, Customer Services, Leadership and Sales. In addition, they will receive the details of their use of these skills as required and used in their current role.  This entrepreneurial profile will be shared during the consultation (step4).

Step 3. Personal Confidential Questionnaire
This online questionnaire is part of the candidate profiling.  It requests general information and contains questions about the characteristics of your experience and abilities, as well as your personal preferences. It has a financial section that requests general information on your finances and amount of investment to ensure that the candidate has the necessary capital to start a business.

Step 4. Consultation
Consists of a telephone interview during which candidates share their motivations, experience, goals, abilities, characteristics, preferences, expectations, etc.  The consultant will also review  the various franchise models, and other valuable industry information like, current regulations, elements that determine the overall investment, types and categories of franchises, and more.  The consultant will also gather feedback from the candidate to understand which types of franchises will be the best match for the candidate.

Step 5. Presentation of Franchises
Based on the information obtained during Steps 1 to 4, the MatchPoint consultant will present the most suitable franchise brands to the candidate, providing a high level overview of each. The MatchPoint consultant will then provide the candidate’s business profile to each of the franchise companies to connect the candidate so that they may commence the 2-way exploration and evaluation both by the candidate and the franchise brand.

Step 6. Research and Decision making
The franchisors presented will contact the candidate to begin the mutual exploration and evaluation.  Using research guidelines provided by MatchPoint and with the support of the consultant, the candidate will conduct their own research and due diligence.  Throughout this step, the candidate will gradually learn more about franchises until he or she is ready to make an informed decision.  Whether the candidate decides in favour of one of the franchises or not, both are valid.

Advice will always be free

About our franchise portfolio

MatchPoint’s portfolio is varied and contains franchises in different industry sectors and specialties.  They are from the United States, Europe, Canada, Latin America and the Middle East.

MatchPoint’s franchise brand portfolio includes businesses in over 10 different industry sectors. It includes businesses focused on services for businesses (B2B), services to consumers (B2C), retail, automotive, residential services, food, etc.  MatchPoint has a process to evaluate and approve franchises that want to be part of its portfolio.  These are serious companies with viable business models.  There are franchises available to develop one-unit and multi-units through regional development contracts and even regional and national Master Franchises.

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